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Security Testing for the Enterprise and the Web
Course Description This is a practical interactive workshop designed to provide a foundation for security testing. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for testing security in web and enterprise applications. As a result of attending this course, you should be able to understand security issues and have an increased comfort level in testing the security of web-based and enterprise applications.

You will emerge from this two-day course knowing how to develop a security testing strategy and security test plan. The information that your company obtains and stores is perhaps the most valuable corporate asset. Learn how to protect it and make sure protection measures are working.

Duration 2 day(s)
Time 9 - 5 pm
Price $1,500
Labs Exercises will be used throughout the course to reinforce security testing concepts as they relate to the enterprise and the web.

Intended Audience Any one involved in the Testing Lifecycle or Software Development will benefit from this innovative and practical course. This course is perfect if you are a QA Manager, Test Manager, Test Analyst, End User, Tester or Web Developer.

Prerequisites Requires basic IT testing knowledge or experience.

Outline Intro to Computer Security
  • What is security testing?
  • Is security testing possible?
  • The risks, benefits, threats
    Understanding the Attackers
  • Who are the Hackers and Crackers?
  • Five phases of a security attack
    Understanding the Technology
  • Networking basics
  • Firewalls, Ethernet, Hubs and Switches
  • Operating systems: UNIX, Windows
  • Network security solutions
    Security Protocols and Techniques
  • Transaction security essentials
  • Encryption basics
  • VPN, Digital Certificates, SSL, Cookies
    Internet Privacy and Information Privacy
  • Is there such a thing as “Internet Privacy?”, threats and remedies
  • Corporate espionage
    A Process for Security Testing
  • Determine test strategy and tools
  • Design automated security tests
  • Perform test and report results
  • How to Develop a Security Testing Strategy
  • How testing fits into an enterprise security process
  • Questions for determining a security test strategy
    How to Perform a Security Assessment
  • Defining the scope of the assessment
  • IDing, assessing, prioritizing the risks
    Writing a Security Test Plan
  • Define a security test plan, the scope of test planning and who will perform testing
    Testing External Network Attacks
  • Dial-up, network and web-based attacks
    Testing for Language-based Vulnerabilities
  • Script kiddies and pros
  • Application-based attacks
    Testing for Backdoors and Trojan Horses
  • How they are placed on systems
  • Traditional and kernel-level rootkits
    Testing Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Locally stopping services
  • Remotely stopping services
    Testing Virus and Password Attacks
  • Nature and facts of virus attacks
  • Types and defenses
    Testing Web Application Attacks
  • Cookie cracks and session hijacking
    Performing Security Tests
  • Penetration, encryption, authorization
    Reporting the Results of Security Testing
  • Developing and writing a security test report standard
    Security Testing Tools
  • Scanners, sniffers
  • Network monitoring, intrusion detection
    How to Write a Security Response and Recovery Plan
  • Developing a security response recovery plan standard
    Protecting Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
  • The problem and issues
  • Means of IP protection
  • The threat and outlook
    Developing an Action Plan for Security
  • Identifying your greatest needs
  • Developing an action plan

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