Maximizing ROI in Software Testing

Course Description

How can you maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) for software testing when you’re not even sure how to measure it? Software testing is a critical expense for companies yet its effectiveness and accuracy are often difficult to calculate. This intensive two day course will teach you concrete methods for maximizing your ROI in Software Testing.


  • Learn what obstacles stand in the way of improving ROI and how to overcome them.
  • Master both traditional and alternative calculations to help you measure your ROI.
  • Know how to evaluate and maximize both improved existing and alternative test strategies.
  • Take home your own “template” to use when you’re back in your real work place.
  • Leave this course with the tools and skills needed to assure you’re getting the absolute best return on investment for your software testing efforts.


    2 day(s)


    9 - 5 pm




    Exercises will be used throughout the course to reinforce ROI concepts.

    Intended Audience

    Any one involved in the Testing Lifecycle or Software Development will benefit from this innovative and practical course. This course is perfect it you are a Project Manager, IT Manager, Leader of Systems projects or teams, Business Systems Analyst, Designer or Developer.


    Experience in the testing field and development lifecycle.


    Introduction to Measuring ROI
  • Calculating the Cost of Testing
  • Calculating the Benefits of Testing
  • Traditional and Alternative Calculations for ROI

    Elements that Drive the Cost

  • Software Quality Systems
  • Peer Reviews
  • Inspections
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing

    Elements that Effect the Benefits

  • End-User Perspective
  • Customer Perspective
  • Marketing Perspective
  • Developer Perspective
  • Executive Perspective

    Obstacles to Improving ROI

  • Unplanned Test Activities
  • Excessively Manual Test Processes
  • Inefficient Testing
  • Poorly Prioritized Testing
  • Product Not Ready for Testing
  • Ongoing Loss of Test Personnel

    Assessing Your Current Test Approach

  • Baselining Your Test Process
  • Core Test Processes
  • Evaluating Test Effectiveness
  • Evaluating Test Efficiency
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Test Processes

    Test Cost Classification Schemes

    Test Benefit Classification Schemes

    Improving Benefit from Test Processes

  • Benefits to New Adopters
  • Benefits to Power Users
  • Benefits to Engineering Groups
  • Benefits to Executive Management

    Evaluating Improved Alternative

  • Test Strategies
  • Identifying Alternatives
  • Conducting Trade-off Analysis
  • Prioritizing Options
  • Strategy Selection

    ROI-Focused Incremental

    Improvement of Test Processes

    Test Process Risk Management

    Maximizing ROI in Software Testing