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Unified Functional Testing - QTP Foundations
Course Description A new and improved version of this course is available: Click here


This 5 day comprehensive course covers both the basic and advanced usage of Unified Functional Testing -QTP to create automated test scripts.

During days 1-3, students will learn the basics of UFT-QTP including use of the keyword view, creation of scripts through recording and enhancement of scripts with synchronization and checkpoints. UFT-QTP's management of objects using the Object Repository is covered in depth as are advanced techniques for modular and sustainable scripting such parameterization, reusable actions and writing custom checkpoints.

On days 4-5, students switch to UFT-QTP's Expert View and learn to use programming to enhance automated script functionality. Advanced concepts such as writing functions, error handling, descriptive programming and manipulating UFT-QTP through code are covered. Students will learn several techniques for using VB Script and maximizing UFT-QTP functionality.

Duration 5 day(s)
Time 9-5pm EST
Price $3,695
Labs Approximately 80% of the course is devoted to lab exercises.

Intended Audience
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Technical Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • Customer Support Engineers
  • Anyone who needs to automate manual testing and verification processes using UFT-QTP

Prerequisites Knowledge of:
  • Windows
  • Web sites and browsers
  • Testing concepts
  • Some knowledge of programming concepts is helpful but not required for the latter part of the course

  • Record and Playback User Actions
    • How Unified Functional Testing -QTP records user actions
    • How to record a test case
    • How to play back a test case and view the results
  • Object Recognition and Management
    • How Unified Functional Testing -QTP recognizes application objects
    • Managing test objects Application Verification
  • How to add verification to a test Synchronization
    • What is test synchronization
    • Recognizing when to add synchronization to the test
  • Parameters and Data Driving
    • Why and how to parameterize and data drive the test
  • Using Multiple Actions in Tests
    • Separating a test into multiple actions
    • Reusing actions in multiple tests
  • Introduction to Expert View
    • Translating steps between Keyword View and Expert View
    • Adding steps in Expert View Writing Custom Verification Points
    • Adding custom application verification points in Expert View
  • Database Checkpoints
    • How to verify applications are storing data in the database correctly
  • Error Handling
      How to get your tests to handle errors that occur during a run
  • Descriptive Programming
    • What is descriptive programming
    • How to use descriptive programming
    • When to use descriptive programming
  • Procedures
    • Declaring subroutines and functions
    • Creating function libraries
    • Overriding and supplementing built-in test object functionality
  • Advanced Data Driving
    • Controlling test iterations through code
    • Manipulating the Data Table through code
    • Accessing test data stored in XML files

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