state-of-the-art testing.

ALPI testing provides efficiency through automation and
framework implementation services and effectiveness
in testing through specification-based techniques.

We take pride in finding creative and innovative ways to ensure technology works.

As organizations require increasingly complex environments to support their IT enterprise, testing becomes essential to avoid deployment missteps. ALPI offers a variety of consulting programs for customers who want to achieve state-of-the-art testing.

Test Process Reengineering Program

This program takes approximately 2 weeks to complete depending on your environment and the number and complexity of applications. ALPI reviews your processes and procedures for testing and configuration management and makes detailed recommendations for improvement. The summary findings of the report we prepare give you all the information you need to plan and implement a successful testing practice.

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Test Automation Program

This program complements an existing test infrastructure by creating an automated test process within it. Using our Process Driven Model to simplify automation, we incorporate WinRunner and Quality Center into your test environment. Once completed, we train and transition your team to run the process. The program takes about 3 months to implement and can be extended at the your request.

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IV&V Testing Program

This Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) program is for organizations with little to no testing and configuration management in place. An ALPI team of professionals comes into your environment to create and document a test process, then use the process to create and carry out test plans and schedules for specific applications. We transition by training your team to continue using our implemented processes, methodologies, and tools. This program normally takes 6-12 months to fully implement, and can be extended at your request.

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Load and Performance Testing Program

ALPI offers short-term, load-testing capabilities for clients who need to measure the performance of a specific application, develop load-test baselines, or create load-test scripts and scenarios. We measure transaction performance time using various load scenarios and develop summary reports to help interpreting results and take corrective action. Initial load-test setup and execution takes 3-4 weeks, depending on client installation, readiness, and available resources.

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Software Testing Program

This start-to-finish program is designed to test a specific application. We use our test methodology to create a test plan and process to test your application that includes automated testing scripts for regression testing. This program varies depending on the complexity of your application, the resources available, and the completeness and accuracy of the business requirements. Average time to complete this program is 6 months.

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