Software Testing ForumTM


The goals of the Software Testing ForumTM are to promote best practices in software testing, discuss successful approaches toward building effective test teams, incorporate various automated testing tools into the overall testing process, and much more! By focusing on our local community, we will empower software testing professionals in the National Capital Area. We look forward to your participation and contributions.

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The Next Software Testing Forum for the National Capital Area will be announced soon.

Attendee Comments

"Great meeting!! Breakout was wonderful."

"Informative and quite beneficial. Allows for comparative methods and core values."

"Great information on automated testing."

"The topics were well chosen and related directly to the daily duties at work. Great speakers too."

"Very informative and enlightening. Good for networking."

"I'm excited about having joined up with a group facing the same challenges I am! It's been a BIG help!"

"Very nice setup and topics."

"It is a great forum. I find this forum to be very informative."

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