JMeter Training—Performance Testing Workshop

Course Description

Why choose ALPI for JMeter training?
  • We use certified live instructors in both our in-person and virtual classes so you can ask questions and get answers right away.
  • We focus on real-world examples.
  • We teach using interactive, hands-on exercises.
  • We provide a fully configured and functioning environment for class—no installation required on your computer.
  • This ALPI course is eligible for a free refresher guarantee so you can re-take the course within 4 months at no additional charge. Contact us for information about this unique benefit that gives you peace of mind.

Apache JMeter™ is an open source software application, built 100% in Java, designed for load and performance testing of web applications and testing of web services (APIs). This workshop teaches you how JMeter is used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, including a variety of dynamic web applications. In class you will simulate load on a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load profiles and understand the test results data. The workshop format provides a rich and interactive learning experience with incremental lessons and labs that build upon one another which are then applied to a complete final project. This course offers real world solutions to real world problems.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


4 day(s)


9 - 5 ET




50% of class time is dedicated to hands-on labs.

Intended Audience

The target audience for this course includes:
  • Software Testers
  • Test Engineers
  • Performance Testers
  • Performance Engineers
  • Test Leads
  • Operational Support Personnel


  • Knowledge and understanding of Java
  • One or more years of programming experience
  • Understanding of HTTP protocol
  • Performance testing concepts
  • Understanding of system architectures

  • Outline

    JMeter Setup and Tools

    • Installing JMeter
    • Creating First Test Plan
    • Creating and Using Assertions
    • Creating and Using Listeners
    • Creating a Database Test Plan
    • Understanding Functions and Variables
    • Understanding Correlation and Regular Expressions
    • Getting to Know the Pluggin Manager
    • Utilizing Templates
    • Debugging JMeter

    Different Recording Methods

    • Recording a Login Test (Blazemeter)
    • Reading Data from a CSV File
    • Testing File Upload

    Reading and Pushing Data

    • Testing FTP Upload/Download
    • Parameterizing FTP
    • Testing Web Services (API)
    • Testing File Download

    Command Line Controls

    • Running JMeter from Command Line
    • Creating html Reports from Command Line

    Practical Applications

    • Setting up Realistic Performace Tests
    • Simulating Think Time with Times
    • Running Scheduled and Sequential Execution
    • Understanding Beanshell Scripting
    • Getting to know JMeter Installation Topologies

    Final Project Wrap-up

    • JMeter Project Execution
    • Final Review